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Aquila Logo and Stationery Design

​We will take on any design job no matter how small but the best jobs are when a business comes to us and asks us to create everything for them - this was the case with Aquila Law.

They had already been running for a couple of years but there stationery, website and logo were not matching and so we were asked to create a fresh new look for them that could be used across all print and web media.

We were instructed that they would like to see a strong aqua colour and that Aquila was the latin for Eagle and so this should be incorporated in some way.

The final logo uses a clean, modern style of font paired with the soft flowing image of an eagle in flight. The single aqua colour being used at full strength and as a tint further gives a clean modern feel to the logo with a further sub line enforcing Aquila’s particular speciality.

The owners were very pleased with the end result which we then carried over to letterheads and business cards.

Services we provide for this company:

  • Logo Design

  • Stationery Design and Print

  • Website Design

  • Website Hosting

Is your business literature, website and logo not jelling together?

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