Multimedia Design

with attention to detail

that speaks for your business

Good design sits there, obvious to everyone but not shouting about itself, it should work seamlessly with all your businesses promotional material be that your business card, letterhead, company brochure or vehicle liveries.

Logo Design and Branding

​I always think designing for ourselves is the hardest thing to do, we are all so critical of our own work and always thinking up new ideas.

The Insignia Creative logo has been with us for a number of years and I saw no reason to change it when we were thinking of the next phase for the company, we all still thought it looked fresh and portrayed us well - so why fix something that’s not broken.

What we have done is look at the types of work we are creating for our customers and have created the 6 individual areas and colour coded these; we have spent a lot of time coming up with the colours and making sure they will work across all media.

This updated logo is then used depending on the type of work we are doing but still having the main orange colour residing over the main business.

View the website here: Logo Design and Branding