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Logo design for new website venture

Ideas - wonderful things but getting them from your head to paper to an actual running, breathing entity is always difficult.

A new project crossed our desk last October that was just such an idea - a father and son combination where the son had been trying to sell his bike online and thought that maybe there could be a better way of doing it than the present offering available.

After several emails a meeting was arranged where we took their idea and adapted and built on it to make what we think is a more viable website that could turn into a way of generating them income.

More about the website and the overall project as we build it.

To start with we have produced them a new logo/brand to help launch their new venture. As with all logo design we do here at Insignia Creative several of our designers worked on initial rough ideas which were sent to the client, from these a few sketches were chosen to work up before two final designs were chosen to be created into finished logos with a final choice of the logo shown here.

We are really happy this was the chosen design as it was a firm favourite of ours and our new trainee designer was especially pleased as the original concept was his.

We are looking forward to creating the website and helping our client grow this new venture.