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New Logo For Local Disco Business

Creating a logo for your business is not just about designing something appealing that looks good on your company stationery, there needs to be a whole thought process behind it.

So often we have new clients come to us who ask us to ‘just create them a logo’ but putting a pretty design together with no thought behind it will often end in disaster and possibly great expense in later years.

A Certain Kind Of Disco approached us to create him a logo for his disco business but the client came to us with the right attitude as he realised that what was needed was not only a logo but a brand for his business that needed to replicate across all genres both on and offline.

After an intial meeting we learned about what A Certain Kind Of Disco was all about and the sort of music and discos he both created now and wanted to create in the future. We also looked at the local competitors and disco companies further afield and gained a good understanding of the business as a whole before putting pencil to paper.

After going through several rough sketches we got to a design that was liked and then worked this up to the finished item you can see here.

The new logo is very strong in both colour, typeface and image and works in several pieces or as a whole enabling us to break it down for various uses across websites, social media and print.

View the website here: New Logo For Local Disco Business