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Multimedia Marketing Solutions

Marketing for your business should be approached in a strategic way with consideration to many areas. Insignia Creative is passionate about providing the services your business needs. We look at your business, your customers, how you presently market yourself and create a plan based around these factors.

With an ability to offer a complete range of marketing for both on and offline media, Insignia Creative will create a successful campaign designed to increase your businesses’ visibility leading to more enquiries and sales.


Offline marketing typically involves printed marketing material such as brochures and leaflets along with advertising within publications sourced to match your business type. 

It is important a consistent marketing message is shown as every piece of printed material portrays your company’s image to your customers. Insignia Creative will look at all your offline marketing material from company stationery through to vehicle graphics and create a clear and coherent marketing message.

Editorials can also be produced to help promote your company’s message within publications and if shows and events are within your budget, Insignia Creative will create exhibition graphics and stands.


The internet is usually the first place people look to gain information about your business so your website needs to be found easily. Insignia Creative will ensure your site shows up in search engines and stands out from the crowd.

Onsite Search Engine Optimisation

Making sure your site is correctly optimised for your target marketplace: copy is written in a search engine friendly way together with ensuring other key factors are present and correct to get your site noticed. Tracking programming is installed to check visitor stats.

Offsite Search Engine Optimisation

Insignia Creative will tailor a marketing plan to your business, from Pay Per Click advertising through to directory listings, online PR and many other marketing areas. A mix of all of these or targeted approaches at certain areas may be required - Insignia Creative will create a marketing plan fitting your requirements and budget.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a very cost-effective way of advertising to potential customers. Full statistics such as open rates and click throughs are available so you can follow up on leads effectively and efficiently.

Insignia Creative can either purchase data for your individual requirements or use your own in-house database.

Social Networking / Social Media 

Creating accounts within social networking websites is a great way of getting your business noticed and widening your business’s appeal. Insignia Creative can create and manage social network accounts and create social campaigns helping you get started on social media.