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Cheap and Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Super fast broadband, instant downloads, instant messaging, Skype, email, Twitter, Facebook, conference video calls…. Everything is so instant and digital nowadays that sometimes print and mail campaigns get forgotten and if targeted correctly they can be just as effective, or perhaps even more effective, than some of the digital alternatives.

We have recently produced three direct mail campaigns for our customers that have proved very effective.

Timberframe South West

An A5 postcard to introduce Timberframe South West to architects throughout the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. The postcard keeps text to a minimum and relies on the strong use of relevant Timberframe imagery with strong emphasis on the contact details.

Luttrell Arms Hotel

Having recently taken over this beautiful hotel situated in the medieval North Devon village of Dunster, the new owners wanted to let all the old guests know that we’re now in charge and offer them a special discounted rate if they booked again. We produced a direct mail piece that introduced the new owners whilst using a stunning shot of the hotel so that anyone picking up the mailer would immediately recognise it as somewhere they had previously visited. This was then tied in with a discount voucher code which could be redeemed when booking online.

Camping Bugs

A new concept for the holiday leisure parks is the nifty and stylish ‘Camping Bug’. A small wooden structure that offers more comfort and weather protection than a tent but takes up much the same room.

Our client required a fast turnaround mail shot to hit the holiday leisure parks before the Spring season and we produced this eye catching mailer that yielded several enquiries the day it landed on doorsteps.

All three of these direct mails were designed by us with data, print and post management all under our control at very cost effective rates.

Why not call us to discuss a similar mailer for your business or products and see how we can quickly increase your turnover