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Dartmouth Golf and Country Club

​Dartmouth Golf and Country Club have their own marketing manager but as the club covers a very wide range of services and products their time is limited in being able to source design work for both print and web - this is where Insignia Creative fit in!

We have become a part of Dartmouth Golf and Country Club’s marketing department being able to offer a huge range of print and internet related services which have taken the stress and worry away from their marketing manager and other staff members enabling them to concentrate on running the club.


We look after several websites for the club including their main promotional site. Creation of overall design of the sites as well as day to day updating of information including page graphics and animations.

Email Marketing

Creation of email marketing designs that are punchy and draw the attention and then coding and testing them to work across multiple email clients


We create a huge range of print work for the club, this includes both graphic design, print sourcing and print management:

Onsite information posters

Short run price sensitive leaflets and promotional material

Large run multiple page direct mail brochures

Corporate stationery and promotional material

Menus and hotel information

Signs and Banners

Pop up exhibition banners

Course and building signage both internal and external

Canvas driveway banners


Creation of printed newspaper and magazine adverts

Animated and static banner advertising for 3rd party websites

Do you need a marketing team but can not afford one?

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View the website here: Dartmouth Golf and Country Club