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Marine Marketing

We have worked with Pilkington Marine Engineering for several years providing them with corporate stationery and exhibition graphics for their Newton Abbot branch.

We received a phone call from their Poole branch and were asked to come and see them because there was a company restructure happening and this involved the Poole branch breaking away from the main Newton Abbot branch.

Once the restructure had taken place we sat down with Peter and Jade in Poole to see how we could help and after some lengthy discussions we formulated a plan of attack to help the new company move forward and grow.

The first thing that was obvious was that they could not continue under the Pilkington Marine Engineering banner as this would cause too much confusion with the Newton Abbot branch and so a new name was decided upon and with this a new logo and branding was designed - see our design section

From this we then created new corporate stationery which carried the new branding through and further solidified the new company name, look and feel - see our print section

Whilst we were doing this rebrand we did some research into PME’s industry taking a look at their business, their customers, their competitors and many other factors and have devised an overall plan of attack for them to move the company forward and grow it both within their present sectors and new business worldwide.

The marketing plan has taken a close look and analysed the following:

  • Present Company and Customer Base
  • Competitors
  • New Marketplaces
  • Present Website including Analysis of Traffic and Flow
  • Email, Postal and Print Marketing
  • Online Marketing and SEO
  • Customer Database
  • Purchasing of Data for Present and Other Marketplaces
  • and many other factors

This initial plan has given PME Group a plan of attack for the future and we are pleased to be involved in helping the business grow and move forward through the coming months.

Services we provide for this company:

  • Logo Design
  • Print Design and Print Management
  • Signage
  • Web Design
  • Vehicle Livery
  • Marketing Planning
  • Electronic File Design

Insignia Creative can help analyse your business, customers and website helping to grow your business and make it successful - Contact us now for more details 01803 321280


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