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Qpod Vehicles Marketing

Qpod vehicles was a very interesting and exciting project to work on for a number of reasons.

  • They had a wide variety of vehicles planned for the range
  • They had a number of design requirements
  • And one of the investors and main influences in the company was Noel Edmonds

We were introduced to Noel Edmonds a number of years ago on this project and have worked with him on several other projects since.

Qpods were a French vehicle manufacturer trading in France under a different name but decided to be called Qpod in the UK market.

An exciting little two seater fun vehicle, Qpod is road legal but more than capable as an off-roader and available in a range of different models. Insignia Creative was initially asked to create the logo and branding for the Qpod and then look at online and offline marketing material to help with the promotion of this and other models within the qpod range.

The Qpod was shown on Top Gear causing a massive spike in visits to the website as well as being used by local police forces around the UK for off road and beach patrolling and in events such as the Tour De France.

Logo Design

An initial logo was created for the main Qpod brand which was then used across all merchandising and on the vehicles themselves. As more models were launched we were asked to create the various logos for each of these vehicles.


We produced vehicle brochures, marketing leaflets, magazine and paper advertising and promotional postcards


The website is in its fourth design after evolving over the years and growing with the various new models.

Insignia Creative are able to work with marketing requirements from small and large companies, always being professional and creative.

View the website here: Qpod Vehicles Marketing