To tweet

or not to tweet?

That is the question

A bouncy and entertaining social media challenge

​We have been working with Fun Matters for several months to help them widen their reach and gain more customers for their entertainment and team building business.

Amongst many of the marketing projects we have been undertaking we have primarily been focussing on the social media aspect of marketing.

Fun Matters already had a Facebook and blog account but they were pretty much dormant and so one of our first approaches was to kick both of these accounts into touch and get them back up and running.

Alongside this we also set up a new Twitter account to help further gain a wider reach for the company.

Within the first two months we have gained over 130 followers on Twitter greatly increasing their reach through the use of not only obvious tweets based around the many events that Fun Matters offer but also through more fun tweets including question and answer tweets.

Facebook activity has increased significantly with reach increasing by over 4000 with engaged users increasing by over 100% again by using some fun facts and questions and also posting pictures and videos of both team building events and its a knockout days.

Further social networking work is planned for the coming months as well as eshot campaigns and possibly venturing into some further new social networks to experiment how these could help further increase sales for the business.

Don’t be afraid of social networking, come and talk to us and see how it can help widen your customer base and build sales.

View the website here: A bouncy and entertaining social media challenge