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Daffodil Bulbs Ecommerce Website

​Quality Daffodils are another of our long standing customers; we have looked after their ecommerce site since taking them over after their website company ceased trading.

Their old website was never functioning properly and we had patched it several times to keep it going but the decision was finally made to create a new shiny ecommerce site for them.

We travelled down to Falmouth to meet with the owners, Ron and Adrian, and sit and discuss with them what they wanted their new site to do and what new functionality was available since they had last had their old site built. From this we created a project brief and a first set of draft designs.

As you can see the new site looks very fresh and clean with a great background wrap showing the beautiful daffodils Ron and Adrian are famous for producing.

The site is built on top of the Open Cart software we use for a lot of our ecommerce sites as this gives a great foundation with lots of functionality and the ability for us to wrap it in a bespoke design and add our own programming.

We launched the site ready for their prime buying period towards the end of August and it immediately started receiving orders from both the UK and Worldwide.

With muti currency options and languages the site truly reaches worldwide and this is shown from the orders.

Is your online shop looking tired and starting to show signs of age?

Come and talk to us and let us show you what a fresh new design and new functionality can do for your sales.

View the website here: Daffodil Bulbs Ecommerce Website