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Dartmouth Boat Hire Website

​Dartmouth Boat Hire have been a long standing customer of ours and so when the business was sold to a new owner we were delighted to be asked to update the website and even more delighted when were given a completely free hand on the design.

As can be seen we have created an eye catching site with large call to actions pulling viewers through to the important areas of the website and all this is wrapped with a large cartoon style illustration background graphic.

The background graphic (or wrap) is used for people viewing the site on a wide screen monitor, this illustration fills the space to either side of the web page and is more interesting than just a flat colour, it helps to add to the overall design of the site.

The site incorporates video being pulled from Youtube to help show potential customers the beauty of the River Dart and the fun they could be having. This is then further enhanced with the use of Google mapping showing the extent and beauty of the Dart estuary and also Google Street View showing the location of Dartmouth Boat Hire.

Although the site is quite simple in its functionality, the addition of video, background wrap and Google mapping and Street View make the site very interactive and watchable.

Services we provide for this company:

  • Website Design and Programming
  • Web Hosting
  • Emails
  • Print Design and Print Management

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View the website here: Dartmouth Boat Hire Website