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Dartmouth Website Helps Customers Connect with Mobiles

​We are very lucky to have alot of long term customers who we provide a multitude of creative services for from print, web, social media through to data analysis.

Dartmouth Boat Hire have been a customer of ours for many many years and we reworked their website a number of years ago and updated their printed media to match.

At the beginning of the year we were analysing their Google Analytics and realised that they were getting over 65% of their traffic from mobile and tablet connections but their website was not mobile responsive and therefore they could be losing customers due to this.

We were very pleased that they took onboard our findings and suggestions and from this they asked us to create them a new web presence that was mobile responsive and also come up with a fresh new idea for both their website and printed material.

We came up with the idea of showing the journey that you could take up the beautiful River Dart if you were to hire one of their boats.

The new leaflet is a DL folded which when you open it out you are presented with a full map from Totnes down to Dartmouth showing spots you could stop at along the river; and this has been echoed in the new website design and posters.

The website is a single page which scrolls down giving you information in video, text and picture format whilst also showing you snapshots of the River Dart map leading you along the journey you could take.

We have incorporated Tripadvisor reviews to further substantiate the experience and of course the whole site works beautifully on a mobile device.

View the website here: Dartmouth Website Helps Customers Connect with Mobiles