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London Chiropractic Clinic New Website

We were initally contacted by Freedom Clinics a couple of years ago to do an overview of their adwords account - see here for more details on this project

We then took over their website which was looking tired but we kept it up to date for 12 months until finally the owners decided a redesign was required.

We met with both Jason and Rod from their London and Leeds clinics to discuss their requirements and from these meetings we created a plan for restructuring the website and also produced a new set of modern visuals which placed them squarely as the leading clinic in their marketplace.

As you can see the new website has a wealth of information about the services Freedom Clinics offers all wrapped beautifully in a modern and mobile friendly design with clear call to actions for contacting the clinics or placing a booking online.

There is plenty more we could say but I think we will let the owner speak for us:

“A cracking website!”

Many thanks from Freedom Clinics for creating our new website. Patients are already giving us top notch feedback!

Insignia Creative have put in so many hours and hard work they’re now suffering from neck & back problems! Don’t worry guys I’ll give you a discount wink

Best Wishes


View the website here: London Chiropractic Clinic New Website