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New Mother and Baby website

We love recommendations and even more so when it involves us creating such an amazing ecommerce website like Mama et Moi.

Carla Skeites the owner of Mama et Moi approached us with her idea of setting up a boutique mother and baby clothing and accessory website which would appeal to a more select customer base.

After initial talks we suggested a range of ideas on how to approach the new website using our expertise in various ecommerce platforms that are available.

The end website has been built on the Magento ecommerce platform as this gives scope for growth for the business and offers a stable and professional platform to build the new business upon.

The website is bespoke designed to match the clients criteria and to appeal to the correct demographic of customer they are trying to attract along with a new logo created by ourselves which has been created using a unique typeface for Mama et Moi.

We have done a lot of hand holding and teaching as this was Carla’s first foray into online sales and she has been very greatful of our help.

We are now working with Carla on gaining good search engine rankings as well as producing printed media from adverts to business cards.

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View the website here: New Mother and Baby website